The use of electronic media and ICT (information and communication technologies) in education has made the education process easier and more engaging, far more flexible and interactive.We create E-learning solutions for educational institutions (e.g. a learning content management system), commercial organizations, trading companies, sports organizations (e.g., development of an electronic coaching system), research institutions etc
We will be happy to offer you our references and case studies by your request.
The promise of personalized learning is realized by harnessing data from multiple sources to build an individualized profile of each student.
You are free to choose the learning path and delivery method best suited to your organization's unique skill and knowledge requirements. In addition, we offer Quantum value partners and customers certification on most products from Quantum value.
Custom education software will help your organization to move the teaching process to a new level.We'll create for you a complex educational environment.
The broad area of education and training engages students in the investigation of educational theory, policy, research and practice, and prepares them to pass knowledge and best practices to others. Sub-disciplines of education and training address the diverse needs of students in a variety of fields, including: school education, higher education, vocational education, counselling, coaching, international education, academic research, continuing education, adult education, online education, and more.Future educators and trainers are expected to think critically and creatively about the processes of teaching and its place in society. In addition to the teaching profession, students are prepared for working in educational research as well as policy-making and organisation. They gain advanced knowledge on such topics as: learning theory, instructional design, methods of instruction, learning technologies, knowledge delivery, assessment methods.